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Adversity and Resilience Center

Adversity and Resilience Center


Our Goal

Our Adversity and Resilience Center strives to decrease barriers to services for children, adolescents, families, schools, and communities that have endured stressful and or adverse events. Children throughout New York City may be exposed to a number of different forms of traumatic stress, whether chronic trauma or acute stress associated with a discrete incident. 

Research shows that childhood trauma impacts as many as half to two-thirds of all children across the United States. Unfortunately, it is more common than not for youth to be exposed to more than one single adverse event, and when youth are exposed to chronic and pervasive adversity, they are particularly vulnerable to the influence of subsequent trauma and other mental health-related issues. The likelihood of exposure to stress and adversity across the lifespan indicates that it is an essential element impacting child and adolescent development. 

We know that exposure to stress and adversity negatively impacts the functioning of youth across a number of domains, impairing the child’s feelings of safety and security and ultimately affecting their family functioning, social relationships, and their ability to engage in school. When adverse events occur within a school setting, they impair school culture, teacher retention, and the sentiments of felt safety amongst students and staff.

The Adversity and Resilience Center is committed to offering both prevention and early intervention services for children, families and school staff who have been exposed to stress or adversity, as well as treatment for more chronic trauma-related conditions, such as complex trauma, complicated grief and attachment-related concerns. We work with children and families who have been exposed to ambiguous and definitive loss, separation and divorce, suicides, accidents, natural disasters, relational aggression, terrorist-events, moves, community and school violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, family violence, poverty, and intergenerational-trauma. 

We know that children and adolescents vary in the way that they respond to stress and adversity. The reactions of individual children and adolescents are impacted by a number of factors, including their stage of development, cultural factors, history of trauma exposure, and protective factors. Yet, we know that when provided with the appropriate supports and interventions, youth display a tremendous amount of resilience. Although we cannot always avoid traumatic events, we are able to offer services that cultivate the innate resilience of our children and adolescents. By providing psychoeducation and training, we can ensure that caregivers and school staff are confident in how best to respond to adversity and stress when it occurs within their home or school environment. If the individuals in a child’s life are armed with the tools to help a child cope in a healthy manner following a traumatic event, the development of symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health conditions can be avoided. 


School and Community Seminars

With a focus on prevention and early-intervention, The Milestones Adversity and Resilience Center can support children, adolescents, families, and school staff when faced with stress and adversity in the following ways.


Adversity 101


Fostering Resilience in the Face

of an Adverse Event


Creating a Narrative: Responding to our Children’s Understanding of

Gun Violence and/or Adverse Community Events


De-escalation and Behavioral Strategies

for the Classroom


Relational Aggression Awareness

and Prevention


Understanding and Addressing

Vicarious Trauma


Supporting Community Members Who

Have Experienced Loss


How to Support Yourself and Your Family Amidst Adversity:

Putting On the Oxygen Mask in an Effort to Promote Self-Care for Caregivers


Individual and Group Therapy Offered at School Site or In Office

Milestones Psychology can assess whether a child or school is in the need of trauma treatment. Our Adversity and Resilience team is experienced in administering evidence-based trauma screeners and assessments to determine if clinical intervention is warranted. If we find that services are needed we can offer individual and group therapy either at your school setting or at our office here at Milestones. In addition, we make referrals to appropriate services to ensure that individuals and schools are able to have choice in their service provider.


Adversity & Resilience Group Therapy


Real Time Skills Coaching for Teachers,

Administrators, and Staff


Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral