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Our Goal

Milestones Psychology’s Compass Program provides innovative, evidence-based therapeutic services in settings such as homes, schools, and your neighborhood. We at Milestones have realized that there is a current gap in community-based services. Our community-based services allow us to provide care where patient’s strengths and challenges naturally occur so that we can address them live, in the moment. By working with patients and families in real-life scenarios, our goal is to see active progress in situations where in-office treatment is not feasible. Our experience and current research indicate that interventions in settings where your children spend the most time are more efficient and most likely to generalize to everyday situations.

Community-based services can help families overcome a variety of barriers to treatment, such as logistical concerns and severe behavioral presentations. During a family’s intake and evaluation process, the patient’s symptom presentation is considered in relation to school attendance, social life, routines, and family dynamics. Sometimes, these factors can get in the way of access to necessary treatment. For example, a child whose OCD presentation is so severe that they are unable to get to school may be a great candidate for in-home or in-school services. A child whose teachers are struggling with how to support your child in the classroom may be referred for in-school teacher training or direct behavioral work. 

Compass families receive a more intensive level of care to ensure that patients receive the highest-quality appropriate services. Our Compass clinicians work as a part of a team, meeting weekly to jointly navigate the specifics of each individual family’s case. A group approach to treatment means that Compass families receive treatment that has been developed from a combination of unique minds and experiences. 

Compass clinicians draw from a variety of practice modalities when designing treatment plans. Our Compass team is composed of fully licensed professionals and advanced clinical trainees, capable of providing services such as exposure therapy, school refusal treatment, direct behavioral and psychotherapy, and parent and teacher training. Our Compass clinicians are multi-tasking gurus. We aim to provide services that help families in all areas that support is needed; Family dynamics, school behavior plans, and psychotherapy can all be targeted simultaneously. We have clinicians who are passionate about working with all families. Our clinicians have also developed specific interests and expertise in a variety of presentations and populations including, early childhood interventions, pre-kindergarten readiness, parent-child and teacher-child interaction coaching, school refusal intervention, and OCD exposure therapy for adolescents. 

Milestones’ Compass Program’s goal is to support the growth of each child in their everyday environments by overcoming the barriers that may interfere with more typical in-office treatment.

What makes this program different?

  • All Compass clinicians are fully-licensed professionals or advanced clinical trainees.

  • Our in-depth intake process ensures that we are designing the best treatment for your family, matching you with the clinician and treatments that will best help you navigate challenges.

  • We don’t have a single definition of what qualifies as a Compass family. We analyze each family’s unique situation and if we believe that community-based services may be warranted, that is what we will recommend. 

  • A team-based approach is applied to all cases so that you receive treatment that is expertly tailored to your needs.

  • Compass clinicians are constantly monitoring for progress and roadblocks. We take care to modify treatment to ensure that progress on your treatment goals is being made.  

  • We are empathetic to the rigorous academic and social standards in NYC schools and want to help. Our clinicians love collaborating with school staff and working within school settings.

  • Our services aren’t just parent-training or direct therapy with a patient. We can provide direct behavioral and/or psychotherapy while simultaneously coaching parents or teachers to use similar techniques when we aren’t around!