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Courageous Adventures

Courageous Adventures


Melissa Marcus, PsyD and Luciana Lonsdale, MHC-LP have designed our Courageous Adventures exposure groups to help kids conquer their fears and build interpersonal relationships! These groups are recommended for children who experience challenges with attention regulation, impulsivity, anxiety, and/or social skills deficits. The treatment is behaviorally-based and focuses on psychoeducation of anxiety and ADHD. coping skills, social skills development, and exposure work.


  • Learning about ADHD and anxiety to gain insight and awareness

  • Developing a coping toolbox to better manage distress and self-regulation

  • Developing the capacity to connect and engage with peers


  • Welcome for ages 7-9

  • 3-5 members per group

  • 50 minute meetings after school Wednesdays or Thursdays

  • Fall semester beginning mid October

  • 8 sessions per semester


If you are interested in signing your child up for Courageous Adventures, please fill out the form below and one of our team members will help you set up a 30 minute parent consultation with one of our leading Courageous Adventures clinicians.

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