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Creating a Narrative

Creating a narrative


Creating a Narrative: Responding to our Children’s Understanding of Gun Violence and/or Adverse Community Events

This seminar focuses on a topic that is increasingly becoming more relevant in our nation’s schools; how to discuss national and community acts of violence, hatred and bigotry with the developmental lens in mind. Through both workshops and individual consultations, we will provide guidance on how to communicate and facilitate discussions with students related to topics they are hearing about on the news and in their communities. Emphasis is placed upon how to address the impact of such events on students’ and families’ sense of felt safety within the school community, and within the larger world around them. Questions include; how to bring up these topics with a developmental lens in mind; how to monitor or identify vulnerable students; how to attend to students who might be more vulnerable during these discussions; how to shift students from discussion to ‘action’; and how to follow-up with students and families in the weeks and months to come. Through the use of the restorative justice approach, we will model how to facilitate healthy discussions with youth around topics that are of concern to them, and will discuss how we can transform these discussions into a foundation for action.