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Our 2018/2019 Workshop Series has come to an end. Thank you to all of those who attended! We hope you enjoyed our series. If you were unable to attend, don’t fret! Dates and discussion topics for our 2019/2020 Workshop Series will be coming soon.

If you are interested in coordinating a Milestones workshop for your family, school, or community, contact our office for more information!


The crossover of attention, executive functioning and learning

Dr. Kirsten Sharma and Dr. Cassie Fromowitz discuss:

  • How ADHD affects students' school participation and performance

  • The relationship between attention weaknesses and learning profiles

  • How to implement proactive strategies to support attention and executive functioning in the classroom

  • How to decide when to seek or refer for an evaluation


Nurturing Child Behavior & Relationships: What Can Grown-Up's Do?

Dr. Alexandra Barnett discusses:

  • How to promote behaviors you want to see more of at home and at school

  • Take home strategies that help children feel comfortable expressing emotions and promote positive social skills


Expanding Your Child's Diet: Helping Picky Eaters

Dr. Matthew Roth discusses:

  • How a child develops into a picky eater

  • How to change the mealtime environment as a way to help introduce new foods

  • Strategies to help your child try new foods and keep them apart of their diet


Navigating anxiety as it presents in the school setting

Dr. Laura Kirmayer discusses:

  • Distinguishing between typical and atypical anxiety across development

  • Common misconceptions about behaviors associated with anxiety

  • Strategies to implement within the school community and classroom


Emotional Wellness at Camp: A Child's Second Home for Growth

Ariana Cohen, LCSW and Michelle Stern Orgel, LMSW discuss:

  • Guidelines for understanding emotional experiences and struggles among children

  • Supporting struggles around being away from home

  • How to read the signs of a pervasive struggle and create a plan

  • Prepping for a successful camp experience


Having Difficult conversation with children: illness, death, divorce, current events

Dr. Ravil Sharma, PsyD and Dr. Melissa Marcus, PsyD discuss:

  • Developmentally appropriate approaches to having these important conversations

  • An understanding of how and when to initiate dialogues with children

  • Assessing what your children are needing and building your dialogue around that

  • Signs for when one child needs a deeper level of support around a particular topic


Crisis as an Opportunity for Growth: De-Escalation & Behavior Strategies for the Classroom

Dr. Chelsea Deng and Nicole Kabalkin, LCSW discuss:

  • How to determine the type of behavior a child is exhibiting and where in the crisis cycle a child falls

  • Strategies that teachers, administrators, social workers, psychologists and other school personnel can utilize to intervene when a child is in crisis

  • De-escalation strategies and behavior support techniques that individuals can use at the first sign of distress to help children manage their stress and emotions and to de-escalate potential crisis situations

  • Follow-up steps that school personnel can take to utilize a crisis as an opportunity for growth for both the child and the school system