Milestones Psychology
Helping families reach new milestones

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We are clinicians helping families reach new milestones


Milestones Psychology is a group of multidisciplinary clinicians who collectively specialize in working with children in preschool through students in college, their families and their schools.


Our Philosophy

At Milestones Psychology, we provide evidence-based assessment and treatment in an intimate and playful environment where families develop warm and supportive relationships with a collaborative team of clinicians. We are leading clinicians and specialists, who are also parents, family members, and friends. Our team understands the importance of making the process of receiving comprehensive quality care for your family as seamless as possible.

Our focus is on the “whole child.” We chose the name “Milestones” because we know that challenges, transitions and achievements are a part of every individual’s personal growth. We help children, teens, college students and families to identify strategies and build upon their strengths, so that they are empowered to grow and reach new milestones.

As a group of multidisciplinary clinicians, we enjoy collaborating as a team, to provide the highest standard of care. A number of our staff have held high level positions in schools in NYC, including rigorous mainstream schools as well as specialized education settings. We know the ins-and-outs of working with school staff and have strong collaborative relationships with many of them. We also communicate regularly with pediatricians, educators, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and other clinicians in NYC and around the world.

Families are diverse, and we encourage all types of families, from all backgrounds to feel confident in seeking our services. Whether you have a question to answer, are in need of testing, or individual, family or parenting support, we have a program to fit your needs.