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Self-care for caregivers


How to Support Yourself and Your Family Amidst Adversity: Putting On the Oxygen Mask in an Effort to Promote Self-Care for Caregivers 

Too often, caregivers’ needs are overlooked when working with children and families who have experienced adversity. This seminar is intended for caregivers of children who have experienced exposure to chronic or discrete traumatization, focusing on building caregivers’ awareness of their needs and the impact that these needs have on their ability to care for others. Discussion will explore how when caregiver needs are neglected, these individuals’ ability to care for children can be compromised. This seminar not only focuses on sharing and promoting self-care strategies for caregivers, it also includes a component focused on skill-building for caregivers to improve outcomes for families who have experienced chronic stress and adversity. Grounded in evidence-based practice, this seminar will provide caregivers with psychoeducation focused on the impact that trauma has on development and affect regulation. Best practices for caregiver self-care and sound caregiving practices will be explored.