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Neuropsychological Evaluations

A neuropsychological evaluation combines a comprehensive set of norm-based assessments, questionnaire data, interviews and qualitative observations of the child culminating in a thorough picture of individual strengths and areas of challenge. Common referral questions are related to concerns about learning, attention, memory, language, motor skills, or social-emotional development. Data results reflect how strengths and challenges impact a student's academic and day-to-day life. Results are shared through a parent feedback and a comprehensive report. We often meet with parents and educators to help make decisions about appropriate school placement, the need for services and supports, and specific strategies to help your child succeed. At Milestones, we frequently complete student feedbacks so they learn about their strengths and recommendations we have directly from us



Our Evidence Based Practitioners (EBP) are clinicians who use treatments that are based on scientific evidence. An EBP will take the time to assess which treatment will be most effective for each individual child and will keep the 'whole' child in mind. Selecting a clinician who is an EBP is more important than the degree they may have. Evidence-Based Treatments (EBT) are founded on principles of science and research shows them to be highly effective. There are a number of different interventions, each designed to help build a specific skill set.


Parent Training

Parent training is utilized to help bolster skills needed to manage challenging child behaviors, and to provide strategies that help support families in their day-to-day home life. Parent training at Milestones is custom tailored to meet your family's specific needs. We are goals-oriented in our approach and utilize evidence-based techniques to maximize our time together. Our focus is on building skills, providing strategies and empowering you to facilitate the improvement you are seeking in your day-to-day life. Sessions are provided in the office, at home, or in the community, based on the referral question. 

Teacher Training

Milestones clinicians have worked both in schools and in private practice settings, giving us a unique understanding of the importance of building a collaborative relationship between school-based and private practice therapists. We offer schools a variety of interactive trainings that help teachers stay current on evidence-based practices, classroom strategies and important research developments in the field of education and psychology. 

Parent Workshops

Parents are increasingly looking to their schools to provide them with opportunities to attend discussions facilitated by leading experts in the fields of psychology and education. The Milestones team creates individualized workshops based on the needs of your parent body in an effort to support the work of your staff and help further educate parents, grandparents, nannies and other important individuals who play a crucial role in the success of your students. Our workshops are designed to provide a healthy and productive forum that educates, enlightens and empowers parents. Our workshops help parents stay current on evidence-based practices, best parenting practices, and  important research developments in the field of psychology.