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The Faces of Bullying — Helping Kids Through Tough Times
October is national Bullying Prevention Month and it is important to remember that often there is more than one victim of bullying — including the bully himself. What can be done to ensure all kids are treated fairly and with respect?

Let's Talk Numbers: How Are You Feeling?
As your child gets back into the daily routine of school, you may notice him acting out. Asking a few simple questions can go a long way in helping them cope and plan strategies for a successful day.

Importance of Learning During the Summer Off Months
Summer is an amazing time for growth and maturity in children, especially in preschoolers as they prepare to head to school for the first time in the fall. There are techniques for parents to assist their children during this transitional phase and have a productive journey to school in the fall!

Encouraging the Best From Your Child
Parents have so many worries, but by instituting some proactive strategies for positive reinforcement they may be able to affect healthy outcomes in their children.

Kids and Screen Time: What Parents Should Know
Children's use of technology and social media has become a focus for modern-day parents. But what is an appropriate amount of screen time and how should it be monitored? How does use of technology impact children of all ages?

NBC — The Today Show

All In the Family: Should You Fight in Front of Your Kids?
Video segment by Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie

Why Steve Jobs Might Have Been Wrong about the iPad…for Kids
Article by A. Pawlowski

NBC — Parent toolkit

Here’s What to Know About ADHD
Article by Gabriella Timmis

The Wall Street Journal

The Family That Fights Together
New Thinking for Parents Since the Days of 'Not in Front of the Children' 

ABC News

Juice Guidelines for Nursery/preschool
Up Close video segment

Introducing the TeenSafe App
ABC 7 Eyewitness News video segment

Fox News .com

Schools Call on Cellphones as Teaching Tools
When one school district in the greater Washington D.C. area decided to get more relaxed about cell phones, it apparently went all the way — not only allowing their use in the hallways and cafeteria, but the classroom too.

CNN .com

Brutally Honest series: What If You Don't Like Your Kids' Friends? 
If it hasn't happened already, it probably will at some point: the moment you don't like one of your child's friends. What do you do?

NY1 News

New DOE Regulations Clarify that Students Must Attend Kindergarten the Year they turn Five
Across the country, schools are requiring students be older when they start kindergarten, except in New York, where new Department of Education regulations clarify that students are required to attend kindergarten the year they turn five, even if that doesn't happen until December 31.


Life in the Digital Age: Children and Technology
In this half-hour CUNY TV special, we explore the ramifications of the digital world. When almost all of our correspondence, communication and personal information is dependent on digital devices….what are the pros and cons for us as consumers and users in the new wild world of digital shopping, identity, and sharing? Carol Anne Riddell hosts this special half hour all about life in the digital age.

The Impact of Social Media on Kids and Teens
Science & U video segment

Care .com

4-Year-Old Behavior: Social Milestones Before Age 5
Your 4-year-old is talkative, curious and full of energy — all of which contribute to her amazing social development this year. Here are some of the milestones that your social butterfly will hit before her fifth birthday


Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Helping Kids Survive a Failed Friendship
Why kids and tweens have friend fallouts, what 'mean girls' have to do with it, and how to help them cope

Phoning It In
How does our device obsession affect our tweens?

Kiwi Magazine

Smart Stackers
These sustainable toys will help develop your child’s cognitive and fine-motor skills.

Safebee .com

Help Your Daughter Deal With Mean Girls
Experts offer simple strategies for getting female bullies to back off.