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Supporting Community Members who have Experienced Loss

experiencing loss


Supporting Community Members Who Have Experienced Loss

This seminar will provide school staff, mental health professionals and caregivers with the knowledge and language needed to support individual community members who have experienced loss. Through an exploration of the different forms of loss - definitive loss, ambiguous loss, and traumatic loss - participants will use the developmental lens to understand the impact that loss has on children, adolescents and families. In addition to developing this understanding of the nature and course of loss and grief, participants will learn about a number of evidence-based interventions and supports that they can offer to youth and families who are experiencing loss. This seminar addresses misconceptions that accompany the idea of loss, and provides participants with knowledge and concrete tools to call upon when working alongside youth and families as they progress through the grieving process. This seminar focuses not only on losses related to death, but also on losses related to familial deportation, incarceration, divorce, separation, mental health status, and placement in foster care.