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Ariana Cohen

Ariana Cohen


Ariana Cohen, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker


I have been a practicing social worker for more than a decade, primarily focused on hands-on, action-oriented therapy with families of children of all ages. Through my clinical experiences and working in school settings, both as a social worker and as an administrator in private and public schools, I have learned that effective change occurs through the work I am able to do with parents. And while there is a tremendous amount of research readily available on a wide variety of parenting topics, the truth is, no two children or families are alike, and there is no one-size-fits-all model for parenting.

The work I do with parents and families is solution-oriented and goal-focused. My job is to empower you as a parent. I work with you to provide the language and tools that can enable you to best support your child. Since you are the most influential adult(s) in your child’s life, the most effective outside support comes in the form of tools, language and approaches that make you the resource that your child seeks and depends on. No parent has all the answers, but if I can partner with you to arm you with strategies, goals and an action plan that you can effectively implement within your home, your child will see you as their greatest resource. Modeling your own mastery of an area that previously felt challenging in your home will, in turn, empower your child to internalize those same strategies and feel success and mastery as well.

In addition to my work with parents, I also collaborate closely with schools as an ongoing resource for teachers and administrators, as well as with parents within the school’s ecosystem. I work with faculty to provide a wide range of intimate consulting services, including child observations and feedback reporting; meeting with faculty to provide concrete strategies and behavioral plans to be used within the classroom; and running faculty meetings on various topics, such as “Strategies for Running a Successful Parent Teacher Conference,” “Tools for Effectively Collaborating with Parents,” and other Classroom Management Workshops. I also serve as a regular resource to meet with parents on-site regarding topics that are relevant to that specific school, both in small and large-group formats depending on the school’s specific needs and interests.


Parent-Focused Therapy

Parent consultation

Parenting groups

School consultation


Assistant Head of Lower School at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School

School Social Worker for pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade students at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School

School Social Worker at Sankofa Academy and PS 234