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Ravil Sharma

Ravil Sharma


Ravil Sharma, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Before forming Milestones Psychology with my wife, Dr. Kirsten Sharma, I was practicing psychology in a solo private practice. The opportunity to work alongside a group of such amazing and talented clinicians at Milestones Psychology has been a true privilege. The feel of our group is that of family, and we aim for our clients to feel safe and comfortable when working with us.

Much of my clinical experience has been in college counseling centers, where I have had the unique experience of providing neuropsychological evaluations and treating college students for a variety of difficulties, including ADHD, learning disorders, and test anxiety. Throughout my training and clinical practice, I have specialized in neuropsychological evaluations and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I feel incredibly fortunate to now have a practice where I can focus on helping adolescents and young adults (and not so young adults) succeed in school, college, and work.

In therapy, my primary goal in working with clients is to help make positive changes in their lives by applying practical and proven strategies. I provide clients with mental and behavioral tools that can help improve their lives. I have a collaborative style and am interested in developing comfort and mutual trust with my clients. I believe an approach that is sensitive to cultural and individual differences is essential in establishing a solid client-therapist relationship. Most of my patients find me to be relaxed, genuine, warm, honest and flexible. At the same time, a client can expect to set individual goals and monitor progress on a regular basis through feedback and evaluation.


Neuropsychological assessment, brain development and learning profiles

Organizational and executive functioning skills training

Developing skills for college success

Collaborating with college counseling centers and disability services on campus

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for teens, college students and adults

Men’s issues (anger management, relational problems, job stress, etc.)

Multicultural Psychology


Staff psychologist at the Pace University Counseling Center

Neuropsychological consultant to hospitals and nursing facilities in NYC area.

Post-doctoral fellow at the Pace University Counseling Center

Pre-doctoral intern at the University of Oregon Counseling and Testing Center