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Chelsea Deng

Chelsea Deng


Chelsea Deng, PhD

Nationally Certified School Psychologist 

I am thrilled to join Milestones as an Associate Psychologist. Empowering children is my passion, and I am privileged to work each day to help make a meaningful difference in their day-to-day home, school, and social lives.

My clinical experiences have helped shape the way that I approach working with children and their families. I place great value on understanding the whole child, and how they fit within their personal and academic lives. This emphasis guides how I tailor my treatment approach to each individual child and ensures that interventions will yield the most favorable outcomes. I like to use a combination of therapeutic techniques, such as CBT, Evidence-Based Play Therapy and Mindfulness, so your child receives strategies that will be most effective for them and produce tangible results.

For some children, neuropsychological assessments are a key addition to understanding their thinking patterns and social-emotional health. From these purpose-built and custom-tailored assessments, we come to understand specific areas of strength to enhance as well as specific areas of weakness that need bolstering. The resulting actionable recommendations are designed to support your critical role as parents and teachers in helping your child reach their potential.   

As a parent myself, I deeply appreciate the immense trust that families place in their clinicians. I chose to work at Milestones Psychology not only because of the expert clinicians in this practice, but also because of the shared belief among all of us that working with children is a privilege. As parents, we all want the best for our children, and I look forward to working with you towards that promise.


Neuropsychological evaluations

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Evidence-Based Play Therapy

Social Skills Training

School consultation

Behavioral Interventions

Nanny Training


School Psychologist & Counselor at the Aaron School

Pre-Doctoral Psychology Intern at the Aaron School

Neuropsychology Extern at Child Mind Institute

Neuropsychology Extern at NYU Child Study Center

Psychology practicum student at the Aaron School, PS 199, and the New York Center for Autism Charter School

Teacher at the New York Center for Autism Charter School

Teacher at The Meeting House After School

Trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Anxiety at the Beck Institute